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Faceted Fun Morganite Stack


One of our best sellers and and Marla's favorites, this feminine colorful tri-stack is bound to put a smile on your face. 

This eye-catching combination of faceted morganite and mixed gemstones set in gold fill will tantalize your senses with every glint and gleam. We'll guarantee you'll be the life of any party!

The dominant stone in the stack is Morganite. One bracelet features a bar of morganite with 4mm 14k gold filled beads. The other mixes 3mm 14k gold filled beads with morganite lolEnjoy a sparkly surprise with our Faceted Fun Morganite Stack! 

The center bracelet, Marla's favorite, features all natural gemstones that are approximates 4mm and faceted with 4mm 14k gold filled beads.


Measure your wrist where a bracelet will sit comfortable. When you stack your bracelets the size may go up or down depending on how many you stack up your arm. Bracelets are measured on a mandrel. Custom orders and sizes available upon request.   

 XS 5.75inch
S 6inch/6.25inch
M 6.5inch/6.75inch
M/L 7inch plus





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