Marla Jade developed in a purely organic way. Marla's jewelry evolved as an extension of her personality and passion for designing trendy, desirable pieces. Whether she mixes the new with the old, finding the perfect accessories, or taking apart vintage treasures to redesign new ones, each is made with heart, soul and positive vibrations.

Culturally inspired pieces with beads and accents from around the world was the follow up collection to her initial bohemian inspired layered necklaces and pendants.

As friends and family continuously gifted beads and unique findings from across the globe, her interest grew. In particular, time and time again when her dear friend returned from Nepal with treasures, she knew she had to make the trip. When the plane touched down, she fell in love with the rich land, local communities, and culture of the Nepalese. It was then, her personal designs evolved. 

Enlightened by local Nepalese artisans and monks, “just browsing” turned into deep conversations and access to private collections. Marla hand-selected inspirational elements to incorporate into her designs.  She was so inspired, she needed additional luggage when returning home. And yes, she was stopped by customs agents due to the weight and contents of those suitcases. However, Marla's karma prevailed and the kind agents waved her through. 

In 2019 Marla frequently began traveling to Franklin, North Carolina. Gem mining in the mountains became a routine activity and she quickly learned why this mountainous region is known as the “Gem Capital of the World.” Using the gemstones she mined herself, she created wire wrapped pendants in amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, aquamarine and topaz. Every gemstone has meaning and healing properties. Naturally, her attention became focused on recognizing the properties of her conscious creations. 

Once again, Marla found herself revisiting her spiritual journey which is continuous exploration and education of astrology, crystal healing lunar cycles, numerology and more. 

The collections by Marla Jade are continually inspired by those around her and the environments she is fortunate to experience. Each collection reflects her passions for style, energy and astrology. Each piece of jewelry has meaning and healing properties without sacrificing style. All Marla Jade designs are handmade with love in South Florida.