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A vibrant collection of colorful gemstones, each of which represents a different chakra in our being. A stack to get all seven chakras working synergistically to enhance every aspect of your life. A stack that reminds you to be your most authentic self. It consists of 

Amethyst for the crown to strengthen spiritual connections, both internal and external. 

Lapis for the third eye to increase intuition. 

Amazonite for the throat to improve communications

Green Aventurine for the heart, to increase compassion. 

Tiger’s Eye for the solar plexus to increase self-esteem.

Yellow Jade for the sacral to boost creative energy. 

Red Jasper for the root to help ground you. 

Our Chakra bracelets are comprised of the above 7 genuine natural gemstones. To offer you the most powerful energy nature has to offer, these gemstones are not treated in any way.

Small is 4 6x4mm gemstones with 4mm gold filled beads in between

Medium has 5 6x4 gemstones with 4mm gold filled beads in between

Measure your wrist where a bracelet will sit comfortable. When you stack your bracelets the size may go up or down depending on how many you stack up your arm. Bracelets are measured on a mandrel. Custom orders and sizes available upon request.   

 XS 5.75inch
S 6inch/6.25inch
M 6.5inch/6.75inch
M/L 7inch plus





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