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Feeling Lucky


Embrace a surge of luck, happiness, and peace with this jade and hematite bracelet. Jade is often called the stone of luck and happiness because it can curb fears and increase comfort, wealth, and good fortune. It can also open the doors for honest, open, and mature communication in relationships. 

Hematite is a grounding and calming stone. It’ll snap you back to the present when your thoughts seem scattered. It can also break you out of repetitive thought patterns because of its calming effect. Gain confidence, be unafraid, and voice who you truly are with the hematite's power.

It’s made with sterling silver, 8MM jade, hematite, and wood accents.


Measure your wrist where a bracelet will sit comfortable. When you stack your bracelets the size may go up or down depending on how many you stack up your arm. Bracelets are measured on a mandrel. Custom orders and sizes available upon request.   

 XS 5.75inch
S 6inch/6.25inch
M 6.5inch/6.75inch
M/L 7inch plus





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